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House Darj is committed and loyal to The Empire. It is our intent to contribute and
benefit The Empire, from the individual to all collectively. What is best for one IS best for
all in The Empire!

House Darj strives to be viewed as it truly is: honored bound, loyal and duty driven for
The Emipre and for all in our House. It is our intent to empower those in our house to
further strengthen The Empire and in doing so strengthening ourselves as well.

We are looking for warriors who believe in Honor, Loyalty and Duty. We are looking for
warriors who will fight and defend The Empire and bring Honor to our House. We are
looking for warriors that will stand before adversity with fire in their blood and a weapon
in their hand ready for battle.

House Darj is a growing entity, striving for all that is Klingon and to the enrichment of
our culture as we go forth to expand The Empire, conquering all who stand in our way.