About The Klingon General

I am involved in many fandom areas of Star Trek and Star Trek related role
playing games and costuming. I am the Supreme Commander of the Klingon
Defense Force Alliance (KDF) known in the following games:

  • Epic Wars - Not up at this time. Currently in development.
  • Xerogame - No longer available
  • Xerogame Alpha - Free Online XNova Game
  • Universe X - Free Online XNova Game
  • Seafight - Free Online Pirate Game
  • Ages of Strife - Free Online RPG Game set in the 1700's

My goals in fandom is to have fun and to involve as many other fans as
possible. Promoting the Klingon way of life is my life long challenge.

I have been doing costuming since 2004 when I first joined KAG (Klingon
Assault Group). In 2005 (February), with the assistance of 4 other friends
within KAG, the IKV SuvwI' po' (Skilled Warriors) was commissioned as the
active ship in the San Diego area for KAG.

In 2005 I also started my House club, House Darj, with the only member
being myself and registered with the KlingonLineFamilies. In 2007 I
registered House Darj with
The Empire and also became an active member
there as well.

I also help other fans with designs and development of their own websites
and forums.
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